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Monday, May 15, 2017

I am chapta I am kalla, Part 1 (to the desi when he hates)

I am chapta I am kalla, Part 1

                (to the desi when he hates)

I don’t co-sign the bullshit when you use racist names like kalla and chapta
When you spread hate, I will hold you accountable, I am a chapta

My mother was a war refugee from Jammu (Kashmir)
Like the victims from Vietnam, I am a chapta

Like Bruce Lee and the teachers who taught me about Chi,
And how to unleash the life force using Qi Gong and Reiki, I am a chapta

You can’t lie that in America, most of what we consume is made in China
You are what you eat, I am a chapta

The Cambodians in America say the eyes of my guru
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, look Asian, he is me, I am a chapta

To honor my boss who was my friend at work and died young
Like his beautiful children, I am a chapta

Like the Malaysian, Uighur and Indonesian Muslims
Praying to your God, I am a chapta

My last name is not Khan, like half of Pakistan
Still, my family DNA has slanted eyes, I am a chapta

Like Buddhists who practice meditation,
Non-violence and compassion, I am a chapta

(by Fazeel Azeez Chauhan,  5-15-17)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Where Have You Brought Me

Where Have You Brought Me
Your heart was a mirage of the holy grail where you brought me
Now six years of marriage is a shady jail where you brought me

To be free to say what I feel against propaganda
Is a 9.9 on the Richter scale where you brought me

I even became a minister just to get your attention Daddy
But in your eyes I always fail where you brought me

Twenty years of citizenship soaked in the melting pot
And still not accepted as an all American male where you brought me

The light's intensity stops me from being just a jerk on the bus
Too many awards have made me stale where you brought me

Non-Muslim women tie a shirt 'round their waist now cover their buns
The nuns are threatened by my sister's veil where you brought me

World Trade Organizations like Enron plunder common folk
CNN's truth is, Fazeel, on auction sale where you brought me 

by Fazeel Azeez Chauhan, 1998

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Necromantic Suicidal Vengeance

Necromantic Suicidal Vengeance

Lonely, heartbroken without the love of a woman
Abandon your religion and be gay, don’t be a suicide bomber

Traumatized, because they bombed your family to pieces
Give first aid to victims of violence, don’t be a suicide bomber

Tortured, water boarded at foreign secret jails
Go on hunger strike at the U.S. Embassy, don’t be a suicide bomber

Marginalized, bullied and being called a loser
Sell your organs in India or Mexico, don’t be a suicide bomber

Angry, because you got no job or higher purpose
Smoke weed, or take a chill pill, don’t be a suicide bomber

Horny, hearing heavenly stories about kamikazes for virgins
Steal cash to enjoy brothels for weeks, don’t be a suicide bomber

Abandoned, by family and friends, gangs and cults
Choose to belong to a 12-step program, don’t be a suicide bomber

Poor, without hope, feeling like a slave to empire
Like half the world, survive on $2 a day, don’t be a suicide bomber

Mad, at enemies who incite civil wars and shatter your nation
Restart the Arab Spring, or a revolution, don’t be a suicide bomber

Vengeful, wanna-be vigilante, to go blindly execute innocent bystanders
Can’t buy a ticket to peace in paradise, don’t be a suicide bomber

Lost, without refuge, forced to migrate away from home
Get counseling on the emergency hotline, don’t be a suicide bomber

Hateful, toward the people in power, of other religions and sects
An eye for an eye leaves us all blind, don’t be a suicide bomber

(by Fazeel Azeez Chauhan
 December 20, 2016)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Life in Hell, in Marriage

Life in Hell, in Marriage

Says she is a good Muslim
Cause she prays 5 times a day
Thinking she’s going to heaven
While making her husband’s life hell
He is a nice nice guy
Good provider, loving father
Well educated, helpful friend,
Loves to read books
She kept pressuring him to buy more
Get a bigger house, another new car
Citing all the relatives and friends
Who are bigger spenders and showoffs
How some other husbands are working
Two or three jobs
Buying jewelry and precious gifts for their wives
She worships money he thought
And is miserable because
She’s being materialistic instead of content
She picked fights with him
Stopped talking, made threats like
She’d get him arrested, and even
Called the police a few times
But then would call them back to cancel
In America, he realized
If a man look at his wife sideways
She can get him arrested for “domestic violence”
Like guilty until proven innocent
She bullied, scared and demoralized him
She never made a gratitude list
Too lazy to count her Blessings
But instead, blamed him
For the lack of money and spending
Her religion is consumerism he thought
She’s mesmerized by shiny objects
“As seen on TV”
Or seen with jealousy in other people’s hands
Triggering her to be unhappy and frustrated
Then she would explode
Like a volcano in his face
She berated him in front of the kids
Couldn’t see that her fights
Were hindering their development
She threatened divorce many times
He didn’t want to throw the kids under that “bus”
Nor break up their family
Steadfast, he faced her harassment
And having a stroke
But at times losing his temper.
He carried on patiently
Til the night their daughter got married
He had the papers ready
The next day he filed for divorce and left.
Today, the kids are close to him
And don’t enjoy visiting her
Cause she is still miserable, blaming her
Negative attitude and predicament on him.
He enjoys his old age
His health has improved
He laughs
And feels like a freed slave

By Fazeel Azeez Chauhan

Beggars to the Rescue

"Beggars" to the Rescue

On the way to the bank
He ran into a friend
Who was enjoying a name brand coffee
Which costs four dollars a cup
A lady come by and asked for change
She was ignored by all.
He continued  up to the bank
Had been cutting corners to save
To pay back a loan
As the interest was mounting
Relationships were at risk
Cause money like materialism
Is the main cause of divorce
And poisoning of relationships.
From the bank he got the $2,000
With the big wad of cash
He was walking a block away
When he saw the same lady
She said, “Didn’t you hear me?
I was asking you for some change”
He ignored her again and kept moving forward
After twenty steps his conscience bothered him
He opened the wallet and pulled out a dollar bill
He turned around abruptly to go back
To give her the $1 bill
But his sudden move startled two men
Who were following and about to rob him
He dropped the bill and ran away as fast as he could
Saying “this is for you”

By Fazeel Azeez Chauhan